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Text for Page 183 [04-14-1859]

her immolation but she stands it.  The old
woman, Mrs C toadies Mrs G. as only an old Irish-
woman can.     And, verily, she has her reward!
As have all of them.         Mrs G. boast privately of
these railroad trips �not costing much� as she has es-
tablished a flirtation with one of the conductors on the
line.      This man convoyed her to the house this last
time.       She told the steward of the vessel, on her sea-
voyage, that she was going down south to look for a 
husband � could he recommend her to one?  The man
said he had a wife already.  Also she put Miss Cooper
to the blush by nearly going through the entire bill of
fare, at a hotel, her appetite not being at all deterio-
rated by her sickness, whatever its� nature.  When
they took a carriage airing Lucia was stuck in the ser-
vants place, sans parasol, in the burning sun and
so came back tanned.
  15.  Friday.  Out, early, hither and thither, return,
phonography, writing &c.    Down town in the afternoon,
to Omnibus, Pic Offices &c    Looked in and saw Mc
Elrath at Century Office.   At Crook and Duff�s
with Bob Gun, he wanting to know if I�d like to be-
come a proprietor of the Picayune?          Not I. Bel-
lew after three years persistence, has got quite tired
of drawing for nothing, and just now, has profitable
employment for all his time.     Hence the paper has
no original drawings; all transfers and old cuts.
Gave Gun a tariff at what I�d supply drawings for.               
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