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Text for Page 184 [04-15-1859]

Joined by Mc Lenan.      The gout has kept him
abed for six weeks or more, up among, the Cattskills.
He talked of it.    Thad Glover came in � very drunk.
Left them, and uptown-wards.    Went to 12th street
after tea, found that Hitchings had started for his
western journey at 6 this afternoon.  Good fortune
go with him � I�m sorry to lose the fellow.   To Ed-
wards, talking with two of the girls till Haney came in
with Sally, from the Academy picture exhibition.   Stayed
till 11.       On my way to Hillards, I looked in and 
saw Selina Jewell, or rather Mrs Malbravers.   Both
of which names she is about to merge into a third, that
of Wall, in June.     I met her walking in Broad-
way with its owner some days ago.   A short, homely-
looking, snug young man! she knew him before her
marriage.        They have got Mrs Sexton and the baby
in the house, now.    Nothing from Boston.          Mrs
Potter house-hunting, day by day, some of the women
doing the like.    There will be a general scattering of
folks at the end of this month.   Pleasant little Mrs 
Eldredge, husband and family think of taking apart-
ments: Mrs Patten the like.   Her boy George is here,
improved in manners.    Plenty of young ones in the
house.   The King children are not anyway as good as
they look; the Eldest shut his mother in a closet and
tells her she�s a d____d fool.    A boy of perhaps 8 � and
like most Jewish children, handsome.    Which mother is
silly woman who utters extreme inanity when she does               
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