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Text for Page 185 [04-15-1859]

speak and professes to �love a deep, deep, tra-
gedy.�       King a down-looking, grave-spoken, out-
wardly self-respecting man came out the other night
to Mrs Pot, denouncing Mama Bradbury.   All the
women in the house are �down on� her, not unjustly.
I find Gladdy swears, not in older persons presence.
Rawson takes his meals in the house, sleeps out else-
where.     His mother seems to have forgotten her sick-
ness; took all her family to the theatre to-night.
Miss Pierson went with them.             Did I put
down that a week ago or so I met Scoville, once
of the �Pick� &c.   Said he had written a novel on New
York life and came to the city from North Carolina
to get it published.  Looked much the same, haggard
and dingy.
  16.  Saturday.  Phonography: down town, to Omni-
bus and Pic Offices.   A morning wasted, as I couldn�t
catch the men I wanted.  Met Hosmer, the man
I became acquainted with at the Catskills some five
years ago.     He peddles books for a living.  An �ismy�
man � extreme type.    Met Bob Gun, too.   Writing
&c.  Jack Edwards up in the evening, doing
carpentering anent Aquarium of his making in
Haney�s room.  (I hear his saw now.    A good
sensible, kindly fellow, worthy of his stock.)
  I saw Fanny in Broadway yesterday, with her
youngest.     Nelly observed me, not so her mother.
Saw Nelly again to-day, with a smaller girl.               
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