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Text for Page 188 [04-18-1859]

mama were to be his mistress.    But to think of
her � a woman who�ll sponge and lie for three cents-assu-
ring a philanthropy costing $1000 or more!            Did
I put down that the �Constellation� has stopped �
temporarily, says Roberts.   I saw him, this morning
in his big office, which was empty, presses stopped &c.
Or that some nights ago, looking into a corner groggery
with Leslie, I saw Pounden pere in a sodden, drunken
sleep, on a bench, near the stove, and all alone.
  Mr Eldredge the elder is here from Elmira, making
much of little Jenny, of course.       The Eldredges have
taken rooms, design housekeeping on their own account �
sensible people, they!
  19.  Tuesday.  Writing a long eight-page letter to
Mrs Church, having got an address from Daniel Mar-
tin some days ago.   She is in Italy; I wrote to Florence
whither she will return.   My former letter cannot have
reached her.   Out in the afternoon, down town.  At Phono-
graphy from 9 till 12.       I have occasionally done injustice
to Rawson Gill in estimating his taciturnity and secretive-
ness as slow obstinacy.   The fellow has privately sought
employment in innumerable ways in order to earn his
living, even offering to work for nothing.  He has suffer-
ed a good deal too, mentally, felt very much alone in
the world.   Withal he is steady and honest natured to
the back bone � a thorough contrast to his specious brother.
I can scarcely think the same father begot them; maybe
it was not so.   Supposing Gouverneur to have been Glad-               
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