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Text for Page 190 [04-19-1859]

sorry for the fellow, as I well recollect doing
the same in London, twelve years ago, fully believing
that the time would come when I should wander there
houseless and friendless, without the ability to gain a
living.   That I got from my father.            Ah me! what
every day tragedies do every day lives present, when looked
into!   Who would guess this Rawson Gill�s story now?
  �� The mother has apparently got over her sickness.
Of course she is as selfish, as silly, as ungrateful, as
worthless as ever.   Her brood must sit at table; poor
Miss Cooper and Rawson coming afterwards, to a
cold dinner.   There�s no room for them while little
minx May and Gladdy are there.   I revolt at such
wicked injustice and detest its perpetrators.
  20.  Wednesday.  Phonography.  Down town, to Omni-
bus & Pic Offices.  Returning, while standing at a crowd-
ed crossing found myself beside Watson, the ex-engraver,
ex-forger, ex-�confidence man,� ex-jeweller and present
writer for Harpers� weekly and magazines.   He was
dressed, rather unseasonably, in a heavy hairy overcoat,
and a cap.     He did not affect to observe me till I spoke
to him.   Walked up Broadway, even to Bleecker Street
with him, setting him talking.     He rambled on after
his fashion, defending himself from unstaked accusations,
and saying much about the �sovereiginty of the individ-
ual� which, he asserted, was less recognized in this coun-
try than anywhere.  He hated his own countrymen worse
than hell, if it were possible.  When asked why his               
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