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Text for Page 192 [04-20-1859]

years ago.   They were very kind to him.      He had
seen Eytinge once, in the editorial room.                I
think myself paid for walking up-town in his company
by this indirect self-revelation on the part of a scoun-
drel.      His talk, all along, amounted to a sort of apolo-
gy for being what he was.    How true it is that no man
is content to appear a villain, that evil is so repugnant
to the worst of men that they try to prove it not so very
evil, thereby unconsciously recognizing good.       I had
a bit of a tumble and came within a foot of being run over
during this walk, while crossing Broadway.        Drawing
& chores in the afternoon, up to 39th St in the evening.
Mrs Neff and her husband, who has joined her, over
in Jersey.   Had a smoke with Mr Richard Edwards
and another Banbury man in the basement.   This Mr
Mann had known my South Newington kinsfolk, and
gone to school with my cousin Harry; he who went to
Australia, thence to California, from whence he was
nevermore heard of.    Got some particulars of Mrs
Neff, from Edwards.        The woman got �converted� to
Mormonism in New York, twenty years ago, went with
her first husband to, I think, Nauvoo.    He, an honest
Englishman, wouldn�t take up with the gospel of Joe Smith,
wherefore she abandoned him for another �husband,� and
Beers � that was the name of the first � found his way
back to New York, being two years on the journey.    Sub-
sequently he died in England.   Her kinsfolk were
naturally shy of mentioning details about their sister.               
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