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Text for Page 193 [04-20-1859]

She, Edwards says, professes that she should
n�t have the slightest objection to her husband taking ano-
ther wife, did he choose, as she would retain authority
over the household.             Returned by 11, supped at
Howells.          Haney�s half-brother visiting him; changed
rooms for the night, mine being a bigger bed.
  21.  Thursday.  Phonography & drawing in the morning.
Down town in the afternoon.   Evening a repetition of the
morning, with some writing.    Haney�s room again.
  22.  Friday.  A letter from George Bolton.  He has
bought 48 1/5 acres of cleared land, �a little stumpy� at
$40 per acre.   A small but decent frame house upon
it, no barn or other building; halfway between Paris and
Brantford.    Had a deal to do with lawyers, pronounces
them rogues, says that his caution has kept him from
being swindled, that the young fellow from whom he pur-
chased has just been arrested on a charge of murder �
shocking a �mail-man.�   George has bought two horses
and �begins ploughing tomorrow.     He pays 5 per cent
for money, having roused it, by mortgage, on the home estate.
Martin�s brother and one of the Tew�s go to England
for a three months visit.     Thus George.          In
doors all the miserably wet day.         in the morning,
with some drawing, loafing during the afternoon,
and writing at night.   As I scribble, now, Rawson lies
on the bed commenting on the idleness of �that boy� (his
brother) whose voice is heard, as he plays with the chil-
dren down stairs; Haney & his brother are at draughts in the oppo-               
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