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Text for Page 022 [12-09-1850]

              Of Time and Eternity. Of desire to live with more present knowledge of 
God my Father which is in Heaven.  Of a wish to be better, humbler, purer
and happier.     And of her I love.     Of my Mother and of her
taking me up-stairs into her room and praying with me on the morning of
parting.   Oh my Mother, God grant I may see you again some day!
  10. Tuesday.  Office all day.  Finished little Section of Hall of Congress.
Evening drawing for this weeks �Era� subject. Mr Anderson off for Washington.
  11. Wednesday.  Completing �Era� drawing.  Mapother called, and with
him Mr Hart, whom had this morning arrived from Stanhope. Out
together, parting at Fulton Street. Called on Charley, with block,
then to the Era Office where I saw Picton, and thence to the Office,
where I learnt I was needed on the morrow, thence to Canal and
dinner.    Taking it east in the afternoon.  Evening Mapother and Hart
calling, went with them to Burton�s play-house.  The old comedy of
the �Road to Ruin� well played.  [unclear word] boy afterwards.  To the Grapes
afterwards, where after a glass of whiskey and cigar I left them at Jersey-ferry
and departed Canal wards.  Found Charley and Waud just returned from
an up-town visit to the former�s bright eyed Lotty.
  12.  Thursday.  Thanksgiving day.  Office.  Out at noon with Fred
Anderson, met Waud, and anon Barth, as we progressed down Broadway,
which was peopled with holiday Yankees. To Cedar street for �potheen�
for to-night.  Barth kept company with Waud all the afternoon, I at
the Office.  They came down about two o� the clock and we returned
together.  At 7 the boys came and Mac Namara. Whiskey
punch cigars and singing till midnight when they departed.    Charley
queer.   Dreary work this.
  13. Friday.  Evening at home. Office all day.
  14. Saturday.  Office as usual.  Letters arrive for Barth.               
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