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Text for Page 196 [04-23-1859]

and heartless.          She�s drifting back into ill-
ness again, from sheer vacuity of mind; goes out to
sleep with the equivocal female friends spoken of by Gladdy,
wants Mrs Pot to take an enormous house at an enormous
rent &c � everything by turns and nothing long.
  24.  Sunday.  Out for a long up-town tramp with
Haney, Jack Edwards and Rawson.  Left them at
40th street on their way to the Centrl Park and
went to see Mr Richard Edwards.   The Neff�s not
returned from Jersey.  Stayed till 2, a social time with
the friendly Banbury man.   Back by cars.  To Chapin�s
with Rawson in the evening, then to Edwards�.    The
girls with Knudsen, the Dane, young Honeywell and
Jack had been to Chapin�s too, and come in subsequent-
ly.    Cahill was there.   How pretty the girls looked
to be sure in their smart sping dresses � especially
Matty! what rose-red cheeks she had, and how 
good and innocent and kind they all are!
  25. Monday.  Down town by 11 to that d____d Omni-
bus Office and there sat two mortal hours waiting for
Britton.   Not wasting them, though; I had taken my
book and pegged away at that.   Britton didn�t come so
I left, met Adrian, and rode up-town with Wilbour and
Adams, of the Commercial Times.   Talk about my under-
taking editorship and drawing of the Pic.   Good anecdote
told by Adams of Douglas Jerrold.   He characterized
Bourcicault as a �Louse, feeding on other men�s brains,�
adding, tersely �d__n him!�                Drawing, writing,               
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