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Text for Page 201 [04-26-1859]

bably in some delicate question about prostitutes.
Came away by 11 and to bed.   Rainyish night.
  27.  Wednesday.  Jolly row at our breakfast-table,
almost general, in consequence of approaching breaking
up.    The Pattens move to-day to another boarding-house,
the Eldredge�s (wiser they) to housekeeping at lodgings,
whither the old gentleman has already preceded them.
The Kings design accompanying Mrs Potter, as do the rest
of the boarders, with the exception of the Bradburys � in
case Mrs P. does take another house which seems very
problematical.     Well, to the row.   Nearly all the fami-
lies in the house are tremendously down upon the Brad-
burys, especially the Kings, who have a big room on the
same floor.     King, of late has been letting off remarks
indicative of a desire for a shindy and this morning it
came.    He commenced by addressing Patten, inquiring
about his new boarding house.  �No Jews there? are
there?� said he.  Then he diverged into a general
statement criminatory of Mrs Bradbury who sate op-
posite to him.    That �good lady� he remarked, had
been pleased to call his children �Jews,� on some occa-
sions adding �d____d Jews� and even �d____d stinking
Jews.�    Now, it was true that his wife�s mother was a 
Jewess, also a very amiable, religious and exemplary
person, everyway superior to the persons opposite; but
granting that his children were Jews he wanted to
know where the reproach lay? where the laugh came in?
That was what he wanted to know.    This he kept               
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