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Text for Page 203 [04-27-1859]

the Eldredge�s took no part in it.   Mrs Gouver-
neur was out of the room, or she might have been
counted in.      Methinks if my fellow creatures had
been turned into monkeys, I couldn�t have found more
degradation in the spectacle.                  Drawing, badly
being out of sort for lack of money, all the morning.
Down town in the afternoon, till 7 or later.  Returned,
quite tired out and soon to bed.              The Pattens
have moved, the Eldredges are accomplishing it.
Met Parton with Haney in Broadway in the after-
  28.  Thursday.  Drawing and chores all the fore-
noon.   Auctioneer and his man round, numbering fur-
niture, for tomorrow�s sale, Mrs Potter with them.  The
woman really stands it bravely.  Rawson about as
usual.  All the families remaining in a general state
of unsettlement, Mrs Potter having secured no house, her
occupation of the present one terminating on Monday.  She
indefinite as to whether she will take a house, or give
herself a holiday during the dead summer season.   Where-
fore the boarders don�t know but that they may become
suddenly homeless.    Over the breakfast-table Miss Pierson
talking of her intention of applying to the new landlady
about retaining her attic, offers to do the same for me.
Anna Bradbury being present cuts up-stairs to her mother
and together they sally out to Mrs Bowley (that�s the new
landlady�s name) whom the Mamma informs that she and
family won�t stop if the poor old maid does.  Mrs Bowley,               
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