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Text for Page 204 [04-28-1859]

as reported by Anna Bradbury, knows Miss P�s
reputation as an uncomfortable boarder (which she was)
and wouldn�t have her at any price.   So the poor woman
(who also wouldn�t live in the same house with the Brad-
burys) packs up her traps.   I am doing the same and of
fer my assistance, when she shows me an oil-portrait
of her father.    I thought the thing touching � the lonely
old maid, once, it is said a beauty, moving from boarding
house to boarding-house, with her father�s picture.     I
receive an intimation that Mrs Bowley is desirous of re-
taining me as a boarder, in the same room, at the 
same price, choice of other rooms being optional. I ac-
cord conditional acceptation.    Anna Bradbury is un-
necessarily prevalent about my room, asking questions
wanting to borrow picture-books, cents &c.   Haney
comes home by 2 or so, packs up traps.  I help him down
stairs with trunks.   Poor Mrs Potter feels decidedly
miserable.  After seven years of struggling in the board-
ing house inferno, it is sad and humiliating to termi-
nate in a �mortgage sale�.    I find her in the dusty,
empty room recently occupied by the Pattens, and tell
her if I�ve ever been unjust and selfish towards her
� as of course, I have � I�m very sorry for it.  Haney
off in search for a boarding house.  I down town, feel-
ing miserable.   To Pic Office.   Supped at Crook and
Duff�s with Bob Gun.     He has, comparatively, dropped
drinking, and appears to much greater advantage.
Up town together, I to Bleecker St.   Round to Edward�s.               
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