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Text for Page 205 [04-28-1859]

Found only Mrs Edwards and a brother-in-law
of Parton�s, Haney, the girls, Jack and Mr Serrell
having gone to the theatre.     Parton in for fifteen min-
utes, from a look-in at the theatre, also.        Waited till
the return of the party, stayed half-an-hour, then with
Haney back to Bleecker Street.     A pipe in his room;
talk of things in general.     The Thomson�s are getting
very tired of Cahill, whose habits are only spasmodic-
ally reformable.   Mrs Edwards, too, has heard of
them and spoken to Haney on the subject.     To bed
past midnight, or rather to Lot 19, that being chalked
on my bedstead.             Let me not forget to chroni-
ce that �Fanny� (bless her!!) has pitched into me in
the Ledger, or to subjoin her article.    I bought the num-
ber to see Bonner�s attack on Mc Elrath, Haney telling
me of it.    He didn�t make the application of Fanny�s
article.    I caught sight of it while having a pipe, just
before turning in to bed, and would wish no better re-
venge on the writer than her witnessing how I enjoyed
it.     All the portion about crowing on the strength of
her acquaintance is simply lies, though I dare say
she believes it.   I suppose my Restaurant articles in the
Pic are squinted at, toward the beginning.    The notion
of the �far-off worshipper� being repelled by the �ill-bred
pigmy� (who is 5 feet 10 3/4 high!) is emphatically
rich!    Of course I�m a pigmy intellectually and mo-
rally, means Fan.     For the �soliciting favors� thats
a lie, in allusion to her having written an article on my               
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