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Text for Page 209 [04-29-1859]

and had purchased a rocking-chair.   Gladdy
was about.     I found the kindly Irish girl, Kate
in the passage by the staircase, and she told me
some of the particulars of the sale, her blue Celtic
eyes looking kind and sympathetic for Mrs Potter�s
sake, her healthy cheeks flushed with fatigue and in-
dignation.   She narrated how she had rescued Leslie�s
etag� (I believe they call it), how one of the ugly old
women had compared her to the stuffed owl &c at
which Kate laughed.    Meantime the chambermaid
Mary was going abut like a red-eyed ghost, with
something tied up over her head.   Kate sticks to
Mrs Potter�s fortunes, let them be what they may, and
I honor her for it.           I thought, looking on at this
scene, that Cahill ought to have been present.  He
did his share towards producing it.           Down town,
dined at Goslings�, then to Courier Office, saw
Haney ^|expecting to| and get a letter which had been left for me
at 132.     Introduced to T. Dunn English, who
wrote Ben Bolt.      Up to Houston St again, found
Rawson & got letter.   From Hannah! such a letter
� if love�s own self were the inscriber, it could not
have been written more tenderly.      Round to Bleecker
by 7, found the folks at supper on steak &c � as
a substitute for dinner � in the old room.   (The
Bradburys haven�t shown, since the day of the row,
taking their meals at �Mrs Bowley�s.�)    Talk &
chaff.    Mrs Potter there � not taken a house yet.  Folk               
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