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Text for Page 210 [04-29-1859]

all dependent on her movements.   Old Miss
Sturgis, from the basement (who has shown herself a dis-
gustingly selfish old cat) greatly exercised as to what
is to become of her. (She wouldn�t go with Mrs P to
a formerly-intended house, because she couldn�t have her
pet basement.)      Up in my room, smoking with Haney,
Gladdy present.    Room dismanted, horribly dusty.
To bed, sans sheets, in Haney�s iron bed-stead by
11 or so.             While we were at supper Leslie
came in, and was �so cross� as Mrs Potter expressed
it, that you would have supposed he believed the sale got
up for his own special annoyance.    He got a bed at his
sisters, or the Smithsman.   Haney did the latter.
Gladdy camped in Leslie�s room, making an entrance
through the window, the door being locked, the key not
forthcoming.    Mrs Gouverneur & Miss Cooper didn�t
go to Philadelphia, the former �altering her mind� on the
subject.    She now proposes migration with Mrs Potter
who declares now the sale is over, she will have a house.
I become the property of the new landlady � temporarily.
Packing up and toting down books would take a day
at least, besides I�ve got a notion of going off to Canada
perhaps for the whole summer, there to perfect Phono-
graphy and write story; when I can quit this house
paying no half-board during the interim, and return
to Mrs Potter.    I like the woman better than I
shall any new landlady.   And I want to live with
Haney.   He is the only American I can thoroughly               
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