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Text for Page 212 [04-30-1859]

his there.   Joined them.   Rosenberg came in
presently, and, anon, they left.     Got �Jenkins� talking
of Jerrold and his Punch-ings at the flowers of litera-
ture in the Morning Post.     Rosenberg says Jerrold only
hit upon one article of his (R�s) writing, that he provo-
ked Jerrold�s enmity by d__ning a play of J�s; and
that subsequently they became excellent friends.
  1.  Sunday.  Mrs P.� has taken a house in 16th
street, near 37.         Out with Haney, Jack Edwards
and little Ned Nichols for a row on the Hudson.
A very small boat, too.    Haney and Jack pulled us
over to Hoboken.   Little Ned, who sat in my lap,
rather frightened at first, wanted to be put ashore.
A lovely, sunny day.   Lager & pie, then returned to
dinner at our boarding-house.     Went to Chapin�s
at night.   Jack Edwards there.   With him to his
home, and there till 11.    Haney stayed there.
  2.  Monday.  Mrs Potter moving out, Mrs Bowley
moving in.     Carts at door, people up-stairs, down-
stairs and in my lady�s chambers.    Had a little talk
with my new landlady.   Red-haired, has been to Califor-
nia.    Being down stairs, filling pitcher in the bath-room
was sallied out upon and addressed by Mrs Bradbury,
whom I have scarcely ever spoken to.   The woman
wanted to make me a partisan in vilifying the people
who were leaving. �The dirt! the trash!� she hissed               
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