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Text for Page 213 [05-02-1859]

out, with all the malice of a thoroughly low
woman.    Didn�t say a word to her.     Up stairs,
doing chores.     Room quite dismantled.     I had been
sitting writing at my table, in the dust for an
hour or so when Leslie came up.   He was on his
way to the 16th St house, to choose a room.  Mrs
Potter up subsequently, said she �felt bad� about lea-
ving me behind.      So do I, but t�won�t be for
long.       It�s now about 1 o�clock P. M.     I�ve been
scoring up the last eight pages, partly in my own old
attic, partly in Haney�s, which has just been scribbled
out for my temporary accommodation, at the new land-
lady�s behests.                          Wrote a letter to George
Bolton; went down town, sent off parcel to him. (By
to-days paper I see that the man of whom he purchased
his farm has been condemned to be hanged for the mur-
der of the mailman.)    To a Mr Ames who has patented
divers life-preserving garments, one of which I remember
as the invention of a Mr Delano, the queer man whom
I saw at Clapp�s on our first visit to him.    Clapp & O�
Brien had him in as a butt, though he appeared to infi-
nitely greater and advantage than they did.  It was on this
occasion I believe that I became antagonistic to the ugly little
Free Lover.   O�B had proposed his health in an inflated
speech, and I fearing what subsequently happened, that
speechmaking would set in for the evening, that we should
all alternately be playing pumps or buckets � fearing
this, I, in drinking Clapp�s health adding to it the hope               
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