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Text for Page 214 [05-02-1859]

that he wouldn�t be lengthy in response.    It
was done jocularly and he affected to take it well, but
it subsequently appeared that he and O�B had arranged
a little programe which I inadvertently upset.   Clapp�s
strong point among the asses who pretend to admire him is
his speechmaking.                  To Post and Pic Offices. Ar-
nold came up in the latter, his face blazing scarlet
with intoxication.   Said he hadn�t been sober since Sat-
urday morning, gave particulars of his three days
�drunk� which may be very well omitted.   A compan-
ion with him, one West.      Bob Gun up � drunk, too.
I left the at Crook and Duffs after two glasses
of ale and one of sherry.    Up town, to supper in the
old basement, which I�ve hardly entered for three years
or near, since the time when Sol Eytinge & Will
Waud occupied it.       It was queer to recognize the old
closet where I kept my books &c.    New boarders, two
or three of the present � jocular.   Landlady�s son, a
young fellow of perhaps 21.    Upstairs something of a
carnival going on, Anna Bradbury thundering away
on her piano, women boarders in high glee in the
dining room, others going throughout the house, admiring
its spacius proportions.           Up to 16th stret by 9 or
so, to Mrs Potter�s new house.      Certainly a small one,
otherwise well enough.    She pays $1300 a year, $100
more than her last venture.       Saw most of the folks,
Kate & Glady awaiting me on the threshold.   Leslie
was there, having characteristically picked out one of               
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