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Text for Page 215 [05-02-1859]

the pleasantest rooms in the house.    Went through
it, with Mrs Potter, Miss Cooper, Leslie &c.    Found
old Miss Sturgis at the top of the house where she is to
be domesticated.     Haney has a pretty spacious top front
room.   The only ones which would come within compass of
my purse are small and will be horribly hot in sum-
mer � have little, abominable square windows.   We found
Mrs Gouverneur lying on her bed.    On Mrs P�s being
at the Bleecker St house this afternoon a dead set
was made at her by the Bradbury�s.  Even the old man
joined in.    I had thought him not ill-natured, but
a fool is capable of anything, and doubtless his beast
of a wife set him on.     The girl threw shavings or
egg-shells at Mrs P! This is her repart, true enough
in the main no doubt, though she is tarred out of
the same brush as the Bradburys.      One of the most
melancholy things attendant on these hates and spites
and squabblings is that people who are capable of bet-
ter things are drawn into them, deteriorated and
bedeviled.      Knowing and seeing them in detail, find-
ing how they selfishness and meanness cling to all of
us, how easy it to pass from profound pity
and sympathy to Swift�s dreadful view of life, find-
ing so much evidence to back it!      Sometimes when
wrathful at the damned things one who keeps his
eyes open cannot help seeing, I fancy I should like
to have heard Swift talk of his fellow creatures.
Yet I know I should rise up in profound misery.               
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