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Text for Page 216 [05-02-1859]

  Only the good people save us! they, by living
encourage us to hold on, to believe in and love hu-
manity in spite of its shortcomings.   The Bennetts,
the Edwards�, they are the antidotes to the rabble
of meannesses, follies and selfishness which deafen
our ears and sadden our hearts on every hand.  I
can recognize the goodness in all these people, but the
hell of their persistence in every day diabolism lies in
losing all reckoning of their own characters and faults.
How impossible, now, were it to tell Mrs Brad-
bury (as thoroughly low a woman as I can think of)
even in pity and sympathy what she is.   How impos-
sible for her to recognize it and to set to work in
shame and humility at scouring out her privy of a
soul!  No! she couldn�t but believe that others were
�dirt� and she a slandered and abused woman!
� It�s very melancholy!  It�s very pitiful!  Worse
than pitiful to know that you yourself are in the
same chain-gang! that you are not as good and
innocent as you were long ago.     When I think of
this strongly, I could have wished to have died a
boy.   The daily hand to hand struggle with Sin is
too much for all of us.   There is no slackening, no
truce, no pause, no rest.      Were it but one great
act to perform, every human being is capable of being
a Martyr.    But the terrible, steady onset, coming
with each days down, like the un-setting of a great
tide ��              Oh! the Hell that I fear is that of               
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