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Text for Page 219 [05-02-1859]

ed the head of old Sycorax as she sat by
the coffin in which poor Chips� lay.     With what awful
alertness she went to work on it.       There was to have
been a return party given at Oxford Street, to that
of the Edwards�, and I remember going over with Haney
present.   Meantime Fanny had prevented them by a
message to Papa Edwards.       No intimation was given
to us of this, and we sate during half the evening
expecting their arrival.   Fanny dreaded competition with
Grace.   Mrs Edwards smelt out this, to Haney�s
intense amusement.   Fanny talked of a return party
in the new house, which never came off.   She does
nothing without a motive, and therefore suspects all
persons of the same.            A word as to her indecency
of which I have dropped hints.   During my fre-
quenting the house, I, as others, have constantly been
witnessing things I disliked.     Then �twould have
been treachery to have scored them down, now I
consider myself free to do so.    Anyone acquainted
with her writings, by adding amplitude of expression
to the worst parts of them, may conceive her ordinary
conversation.   She dresses immodestly, exposing her
bosom, more than women generally do in ball costume.
She makes smutty jokes.   She compliments (!) male
visitors by supposing them to be have begotten illegiti-
mate children.    (This she did to me more than once.)
She encourages visitors to embrace her and to take               
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