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Text for Page 221 [05-03-1859]

then down town with new sketch to Ames.   Thence
to Haney�s where I got a letter from Dillon Mapother.
He with Hart think of adding an engraving department
to their Louisville establishment, applying to me for wood-
peckers.     Kelly is a father, Dillon happy as usual.
The scotchman Campbell up in the Nic-nax office.   What
a harsh queer accent is that of North Britons, and what
an infernal jargon must their ancestry have raised
when contending with the Picts about those walls which
have to be surmounted on the outskirts of juvenile Brit-
ish history!           With Haney to Pic Offic, only a wood-
pecker there.     Up-town together, Mr Edwards joining
us on the way.               Dropped in at next block in the
evening, saw Mrs Jewell and Sexton; Selena �indisposed�
(from an attack of the Wall which in all probability
will carry her off in a month or so.)   To Houston
St, found Arnold, heard particulars of his & Bob
Gun�s �finish� of last night.    More imbibition, hiatus
in rememberance, stage ride up Broadway, tumbles
into the mud one atop of to�ther, home seperately
at an indefinite period.      Bob Gun came in.    Out
for ale and oysters, former in moderation.   Arnold had
n�t written a line of his Mercurial editorialization, which
ought to be furnished tomorrow morning, hard up for sub-
jects.   Offered reward of ten cents each for three!     Suggested
�em and he noted �em down for tomorrows amplification.
So much for Bohemia!                Abed by 11, leaving com-
panions at their own door.                I find things pretty               
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