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Text for Page 222 [05-03-1859]

decently managed in my new boarding-house
dynasty � on the whole suggestive of improvement on
Mrs Potters system.   Our feeding in the basement, which
room is very clean, cool, light and pleasant, ensures hot
dishes from the adjoining kitchen � always a rueful deficien-
cy in Mrs P�s time.    The new landlady seems energetic
and very desirous of pleasing: �new brooms sweep clean.�
I�ve steadfastly persisted in only monosyllabic civilities to
the Bradbury�s and comparatively choked off the girl�s
familiarities.  For the other boarders, I see but little of
them as yet.                It�s funny and edifying to witness
both sides of a case.   Mrs P rather plumed herself on lea-
ving the house in good condition; her successor finds it
a phenomenon of dirt and uncleanliness � Mrs P inevita-
by supposed the new dynasty a deterioration; Mrs B.
as inevitably believes she will institute an immense impro-
vement.     The old boarders were disposed to be jocular
and depreciatory of the in-comers; the new suppose them-
selves superior to their predecessors.     �Lord what fools
we mortals be!�   Your�e right, Puck!
  4.  Wednesday.   Both the old and the new landla-
dies prevalent about the top of the house this morning, 
fiercely polite to each other on questions of proprietorship
of furniture, each convined in mind that she herself
wanted �nothing but what was her own� and strongly sus-
pecting that the other did.     Round to Houston Street,
to Bob Gun�s room, but did not do much work.  Tal-
king with Arnold a good part of the day.  He is worthy               
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