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Text for Page 025 [12-18-1850]

              Walked back with Waud.  Drawing &c during the afternoon.  Mr Hart
and Mapother called in the evening.
  19. Thursday.  Long talk and smoke with Mr Hall in his room, smoking real
Manillas.       Drawing all the sleety slushy, rainy day. Alf Waud with me.
Charley joined us in the evening, and announced the anticipated break up of
the firm of Butler and Brown.    Sorry for it.
  20. Friday. Drawing for the �Era�.    Young Fred Anderson calls in the after-
noon.   Joe in the Evening.
  21. Saturday.      To the �Era� Office, Charley accompanying me down
town.      Thence to Fowler�s Buildings, leaving the drawing for engraving.
A call at the Office, and it�s necessary consequance, tossing for alcohol. Return
to dinner; afterwards, at about 3 over to Brooklyn to Stratton�s.  Had
dental operation performed and returned.         After supper, with the younger
Hall and Waud to Burton�s.   A tepidly funning, conventionally conceived
�American Comedy �  and amends for it, in �Used Up!�
  22. Sunday.   After leaving Waud at his workshop door called at 
Bayard Street for Joe, and with him to Jersey.  Mr Hart and Mapother
not within their boarding-house.    Continued our walk and hunted up Hughie
Muir, seeing him and his wife.   Learnt that old Collinson hath got his
wife and family with him, nigh unto Newark, also that he, being in Jer-
sey, made divers unsuccessful efforts to hunt up my whereabouts.     Strolled
on to the Bergen rocks,  cut cedar boughs for Christmas room-decoration,
looked about on the landscape.   Dull, windless atmosphere above, below
pods thinly-candied with ice, red earth railroad track, sombre tree-
skeletons of Hoboken. Little Jersey, and the leaden-hued water beyond.
Returned, parting, and each to his several dinner.     Snow flakes thin 
and feathery during the afternoon.     Reading Howitt�s �Homes and Haunts� &c
by the stove, till drowsy with heat and the luxury of being alone, dozed               
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