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Text for Page 225 [05-04-1859]

room at the top of the house.   Roused old Miss
Sturgis from slumber on a sofa, and she informed me
pertinaciously that �that was in the basement! � I must go
right up to the top of the house!�              She hadn�t been able
to forget her position in Bleecker Street.            Talked
with Mrs Pounden & Cooper; Mrs Potter came in � 
mild detraction of the new landlady.  (She didn�t know
that a few things of the new landlady�s narration had
covicted her, beyond all question, of fibbing!   So it goes,
alas!)            To Edwards.   Haney & Cahill there. Tal-
king with the girls.   Abed by 11.
  5.  Thursday.   At Houston St, drawing on wood
all day.   Moving things out of my old room at the
back of the house into the front attic (once Haney�s)
till 11 at night or later.    Tired.
  6.  Friday.  Chores.  Down town, to Harpers with
block, got $7.    To Pic Office, Maurice, �(K. N. Pep-
per) there, installed as editor, vice Poole.  Up-town.
Evening to Houston St, thene looked in at the �House
of Lords,� found Banks & John Wood�s chum
Chachar, the former boring the latter by predicting mi-
nutely the results of the war which may now have
commenced in Europe!
  7.  Saturday.   Out to Spring St. P. O.  after break-
fast, then to work all the very warm, sunny day.
Did big Pic cut on wood & another, down town with
them by 5, meeting Parton & �Fanny� in Broadway.
She jerkingly obscured herself with her parasol,               
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