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Text for Page 226 [05-07-1859]

he saluted.   Pic office.    To Leslie�s (not Frank�s)
but my Scottish ex-fellow boarder, but found his of-
fice closed, so up-townwards.             Reading in the
  8.  Sunday.   Haney and Jack Edwards calling,
off with them for a Jersey ramble.   Along the towing-
path of the canal, to Bergen, some three or more
miles distance from Jersey city.      Day very hot, 80
in the shade, if any shade had been available. Jack
& Haney catching fish for the aquari�, as usual, the
latter using his straw hat for a net.       Arrived at
the house of Hinckley, the engraver who made us very
welcome, gave us dinner &c.      Something of a charac-
ter, Hinckley; a short, stout lame man, one leg being
shorter than the other.   He�s queerly cranky in his no-
tions too, a born oppositionist.    A luxurious pipe on
the stoop, after dinner, looking down the bay in the
hot, hazy afternoon, apple trees in blossom about us,
the beautiful bright spring verdue everywhere.     A
bit of a raid in the woods by 4, then tramped
back by the dusty plank road, down which furious
charioteers were whirling at that peculiar breack-
neck speed affected by this class of New York asi-
ninety.     Cars up-townwards.        Went to Chapin�s,
subsequently rejoining Haney at Edwards�.    Jack
is assisting Parton by copying out matter for the Life
of Jackson at the house in 18th Street, and reports
Mort Thomson prevalent every evening, �on duty� to               
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