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Text for Page 228 [05-08-1859]

women can�t help being match-makers.   I
never knew a mother loving her daughters who, wasn�t
one.                          Bed by 11, tired.
  9.  Monday.  Drawing, writing, chores &c.  Down
town in the afternoon to Ames, Post & Pic Offices.    To
W. Leslie�s.   Kendall came.  All three walked up-
town together, I leaving them at Bleecker St.           Old
Bradbury volunteered some statements to me over the din-
ner-table, we being alone, apropos of the late dynasty.
One that the Kings � man, wife, servant and three chil-
dren, boys rising from 6 to 12, � paid but $18 per week,
$3 a head for each person; the other that he, Bradbury,
had advanced money to Mrs Potter, being sometimes $300
ahead.     This is his statement.
  10.  Tuesday.  In doors drawing on wood all
the wet, cold, solitary day.    Phonography awhile
in the evening.   Rather lonely.
  11.  Wednesday.  Called at Houston Street & down
town with Arnold.    To Ames� , Pic Office &c, up
town by dinner time.      Day a drenching one, worse
than yesterday, Chores.    Lonely.             There is a
book advertised, as detailing the exploits of Morphy, the
�Chess Champion� in Europe, written by his �late sec-
retary,� little Edge, whose name has appeared in
juxta-position with the celebrity during the last year
or so.    Edge got acquainted with Morphy, when report-
ing the proceedings of the Chess Club in this city, for
the Herald.        He lost his position on the paper by               
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