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Text for Page 230 [05-11-1859]

that the story had got mislaid, wasn�t worth
anything &c, when the author accepting his judgment
hadn�t troubled himself further about the M. S.
till its appearance in print.         I find there are
plenty of similar stories afloat about my lame friend.
I take it he is, in many respects, a good type man
of a class that has, happily, pretty nearly passed a-
  12.  Thursday.  Phonography during the fore-noon.
Out after dinner, and, in Broadway met Lotty.  She
had a parcel in hand and was going, she said to
�Jenny Mason�s� � (I suppose little Mason�s wife) in Hous-
ton Street, to the door of which I accompanied her.
Said she had �left the stage� two years or so, was
living with her uncle, at West Farms, West Chester,
that she came to New York once a week and that
her �husband� (Alleyne) visited her, in the country,
as often.    He was, I think, engaged by �Theodore Tho-
mas.�     Said, too, that she thought of �freeing herself
from the shackles of marriage� or something of the
sort.     Gave me her address & present alias �Miss
C. A. Granville.�    Asked me to write to her � a long
letter.      Cui bono?       She didn�t look a day older than
when I first saw her.                  To Pic Office, Nic-nax,
Haney left, and as it subsequently proved, gone
to my lodging, where I didn�t fin him.     Met him
and Cahill at Edwards in the evening.
13.	Friday.   Phonography and drawing big Pic cut.               
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