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Text for Page 231 [05-13-1859]

Down town with it after dinner &c.   Saw
Walt Whitman at Brady�s entry, with another.  Hardly
knew the �Kosmos� who had partly shaven himself.   His
pale grey eyes looked more protuberant than usual.
In the evening to Edwards, having appointed to
take Miss Matty to see Church�s picture �The Heart
of the Andes.�    Mr and Mrs Edwards accompanied us.
  I met Wurzbach yesterday.   He is working at
  14.  Saturday       during the morning, but horribly
drowsy over it.   Down town by 5, to Pic Office; found
Bellew and Chapin (the Daily New�s reporter) at
Crook and Duffs and walked up-town with the for-
mer.    He is living at Tarrytown.        Round to Hous-
ton Street to get pay from Bob Gun�s.     Am hard-
up, just now.          A bit of a letter from Heylyn,
in which he states that he �has decided to adopt
making fishing tackle for a business!�
  15.  Sunday.  Reading and [phonography] all the sunny cool
morning.    Haney came after dinner, about to start
for Philadelphia and presently Rawson Gill.   Out,
& with Haney to the Jersey City terminus, seeing him
into the cars.       To 16th Street, via 6th Avenue, sup-
ped at Mrs Potters with old acquaintances.   Out with
Leslie, quitted him and to Chapin�s.       Walking up-
townwards,  when nearly opposite Edwards� was ac-
costed by Morse (who Married Mrs Kidder) and whom
I recollected.       Strolled to Union Square with him.               
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