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Text for Page 232 [05-15-1859]

He told how he had quitted Poughkeepsie
and in conjunction with a Mr Wright started a
Drawing and Painting Academy in this city, which
was prospering.     Said he had two children and
spake of Master Will Kidder.     I asked him of
Lotty, he told of her living at Westfarms and spake
of Alleyne or Granville (his real name they say) as
her husband, though he professed not to know whether
any divorce had separated her from little Whytal
of whom he knew nothing.     She had been rather more
of a help to Granville than he to her, or late, said
Morse, and was �getting on very well,� taught mu-
sic and singing to a lady and �had a sewing-ma-
chine.�   The ex-Mrs Kidder was on a visit to some
friends, down east.            Exchanging addresses, we
parted.   A not-satisfactory man this Morse.  Damo-
reau used to pronounce him a lazy man, a sort
of demi-intellectual sybarite.     He (Morse) must
have understood Mrs K. pretty thoroughly, wherefore
how came he to marry her?   Probably she suited
him or he might have been unwilling to risk or en-
dure the disagreables of a break-off.   Many men, of
a sort, drop into matrimony that way, nor care so
much about the purity of their wives before marriage.
  To Edwards!   The Dane, Knudsen there.   Carrying
away Reade�s �Love one little &c� belonging to Parton,
I find stray marginal notes, quite unconsciously au-
tobiographical in their self-revelations, by the indomi-               
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