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Text for Page 233 [05-15-1859]

table Fanny.  As also phonographic ones by
Mort Thomson  to the effect of �Gracy I love you,�
�Dear Gracy etc.� penciled wherever the text becomes
passionately amorous.     Now as Haney as well as I
can read [phonography], Mort�s audience is perchance larger
than he might desire.      It�s understood that Mrs
Thomson is very proud of the coming match.    Cahill,
unless specially needed for some purpose, when he is
gushingly received, gets the cold shoulder at Fan�s.
Mort is on duty pretty well every night.  Grace is un-
derstood, in stable phrase, to �feel her oats� a good
deal � entertains the conviction that she could get
married any day she likes.   Likely enough.   There
may be a break-off in the match, yet, though I think
it unlikely.
  16.  Monday.  Writing till near noon.   Down town,
met Mc Lenan and Welden.  Mac did a little mys-
tery apropos of Dickens� Story of Two Cities, which he
illustrates for the Harpies, necessarily therefore reading
it a little in advance of the public.  And Welden, in
telling an anecdote, garnished it with �the unpardonable
Sin.�        To Nic-nax, Pic and Century Offices.   Talk
for half an hour or so with Mc Elrath and one of his
editors apropos of articles proposed for me to do for
the paper.  Subjects fixed on.    Up town.   Met Bob Gun,
had lager and wrote something he wanted for the paper.
Down town again, to Williams & Stevens, apropos of
a photograph Haney wants to present to Sally Edwards               
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