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Text for Page 242 [05-21-1859]

my week�s board.   The drunkard had kept
the money till the close of the office for h me, when find-
ing I didn�t appear and being with �the boys� he had
squandered all but $3!          I�m to get it �on Mon-
day.�               Left Gun & Tracy at their door, Ar-
nold following, Gayler taking down-town omnibus
on his way to Long Island, where he lives.      A
close raw, wet mist everway, muddy streets, every
thing miserable, had a temporary feeling as if this
earth might be hell.    Thoughts of Chacombe, of
Hannah and of God.      Let me blaze away at [phonography]
and in six months I can qualify myself for verbatim
reporting, which will put me above the dire necessity
of dependence on two-penny ha�penny degradations.
Then I eschew such scenes, marry as dear and
earnest a woman as lives and do such work as God
has given me ability to.   To bed with that resolution
and not without something like a prayer for the
fellows in whose company I�d been �Father, for-
give them, they know not what they do!�    Christ
would have pitied and yearned over them.
  22.  Sunday.  Chores &c; weather still wet
and gloomy, but clearing up by 4 in the afternoon.
To 16th street.  In Haney�s room half an hour when
Parton came up; all three talked awhile then out
together, down the 5th Avenue, the sunlight coming out
brightly and the trees luxuriant in their spring verdure.
Had tea, toast and cresses pleasantly together, at               
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