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Text for Page 243 [05-22-1859]

Reed�s and a two hours talk.  Left them
at 8, in front of Edwards�, to Chapins, subsequent-
ly to Edwards, stayed till 11, then saw Haney home.
  Here�s a good story Haney brought back from Phila-
delphia.     There was an old lawyer there, a �Bucks
County� man who would rather have lost a case than
a joke, which lawyer, when Dickens visited this
country, took especial prejudice to him for the
reason which impelled the Athenian to ostracize Aris-
tides.   This prejudice was further increased, on en-
countering its object, by Dickens� dandyism.  Now one
of the results of Dickens popularity in Philadelphia
was the production of his portrait on articles in china
ware, as mugs &c.     The old lawyer purchased a 
number of these and on his death � not before � it
was discovered that he had used them all as pots-
  23.  Monday.  [Phonography] &c, writing.  Down town in the
afternoon.   To Houston St in the evening to get money of
Gun.   Saw Tracy, Sears and Arnold.   Return.  Writing.
  24.  Tuesday.  [Phonography] for half an hour, then to article
on the Herald.   Stuck at it till 5 1/2, then out to
Washington Square for a pipe amid the greenery
and sunlight.  A little more [phonography].  After supper
to 16th St.     Haney out.  Found Mrs Potter, her
sister (Lucia) and Mrs Gouverneur at the door.
Talk and chaff.  Mrs G. again desirous of know-
ing �how she looked� � allowed me to lead her to the               
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