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Text for Page 244 [05-24-1859]

hall lamp light under pretense of ascer-
taining.    I didn�t tell her that underlying the
bald, foolish, worldly yet appealing expression in
her countenance wore there lay was more than
the germ of the insanity to which she is assuredly
drifting.        When we all went upstairs to the
sitting room the woman fell to small coquetries of
the boldest and barrenest sort, also to pumping
me about the table set by the new Bleecker St
dynasty, questioning in detail wht I�d had for
breakfast, dinner &c!    She actually meditated
returning thither if she could gain two pence
hapny� worth more of advantage.   This before Mrs
Potter, who felt much and showed some wrath. Mrs
G got no satisfaction from me, I humbugged her
and soon went up to Leslie�s room.  There twenty
minutes then off.   A walk up town.  Passing White-
law�s shop, looked in and saw him.         To Howells
where I found John Wood, Banks and another.
Banks boring the other, raving about Clapp�s abili-
ty.     I talked to Wood.     When we came out at
11, That Glover was at the door with four or five
others.        On Saturday night it appears that Cahill
Arnold and Glover went to Wood�s boarding-place
after quitting Howell�s, and when he had gone to bed.
They, especially Cahill were so drunk that the landlord
denied Wood�s being at home.      Cahill has now �sworn
off� drinking for another month.   Of course he�ll               
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