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Text for Page 022 [09-04-1849]

              landrdy round among the Engravers and publishers. No success.
Evening a walk with George and Wing.
  4. Tuesday. Wrote a note for Benjamin F Walker � the 
individual who applied some month�s back to learn architectural
drawing � telling him I�d teach him for half a dollar a lesson.
Left it at his residence. Also went to Nilis� the little Frenchman
in Twelfth Street. Rode home.	Evening to New York with 
George, after a melancholy walk about Jersey. Chill, dark night,
and mourful among the trees.		At a book auction, Broadway,
where George bought Crabbe.    He has taken a berth in the �Philadelphia.�
  {5. Wednesday.   Reading, idling, matagrabolizing. Two intensely
  6. Thursday.}   miserable days. All my rounds done in New York;
� all in fact done that could be, and no starting for Quakerdom, as George goes
on Saturday, and I must see him off. Rain incessant. Musquitoes to the
body, melancholy to the mind.	Thoughts of dragooning and 155 Greenwich
Street � Shall I come to that.	/   A wet walk on Thursday evening with 
George to the deserted pork store, and with him while purchasing lamps
and provant.
  7. Friday.   Going to the Ferry with George, there met Ben Haun,
who gave us the news that �Gineral Taylor� was about to cross in half
an hour.   So, desirous of having a peep at �Old Zac� we bided
the time.    Guns fired off from opposite side, the [Aresseth?] nearing               
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