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Text for Page 245 [05-24-1859]

keep his oath!                          I find one advantage
from my new surroundings, I have more time
for steady work.  Not yet being much acquainted
with new boarders I am unable to waste odds and ends
of and remnants of time which make a considerable aggre-
gate in the long run.    Shan�t go to 16th St, at least I
think not.   The only room I could have is exceedingly small,
has an odiously small window and would cost $1 a week
more than I pay at present.   Mrs B. is every whit as
decent a person and a much better landlady.
  25.  Wednesday.  [Phonography] and writing till 4, then
down town. Met Rosenberg, cheery as usual.  To Post, Pic
and Nic-nax Offices, then uptown with pockets full of
newspapers.   A letter, left by Haney, to whose Office it
had been addressed, awaiting me; from Hannah � a
dear letter.  [Phonography] in the evening.
  26.  Thursday.  [Phonography], writing, and, on the arrival
of the Pic. Block, drawing.    Haney came to supper,
then together to the Edwards�.    Serrell there.     He
is engaged on a project for a ship canal, but an hitherto
unthought of route through the Isthmus of Darien.
  27.  Friday.  Drawing, chores &c till 5 � then turn-
ed out to post newspapers in Spring Street.   More
and more changes in Bleecker, a rush of taverns to
the street corners, trees being felled.  Looking on at
men playing the axe, boys playing amid the severed boughs
and branches in the bright sunny afternoon.   To 16th
St after supper.     Leslie superintending the putting up               
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