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Text for Page 246 [05-27-1859]

of furniture he has purchased.   A bedstead
of rosewood he sent back, it having been scratched and
chipped by the careless carman.       By agreement with
Mrs P. he finds furniture, on condition that she
supplies a handsome carpet.    Of course when the
carpet appeared, it by no means came up to his ideas
of richness and approbativeness, so the Scottish pluto-
crat was exceedingly indignant and pompous therat,
which yesternight provoked Haney into burlesquing his
demands and behaviour.        Haney came in while I
was with Leslie.          I heard that the debate was
continued over the supper table.   Little Kendall came.
Went to 22nd St, in the endeavor to find Hillard�s
new residence, couldn�t; left a note for him at the
6th Av. Gymnasium where some half dozen fellows
were perspiringly exercising.       Lightning lashes and
a storm brewing overhead.       Rejoined Haney at Ed-
wards�.    He, Jack, a Mr Eaton and the girls pre-
sent, a pleasant evening.   To Bleecker St by 11 through
a heavy rain storm.
  28.  Saturday  [Phonography] et cetera.  To Pic Office in
the afternoon; subsequently with Gun to Crook and
Duff�s, where were Bellew, Cahill, Glover and
Brandt.    Bellew looked hot and soggy, was indeed
unobtrusively drunk and spake of his having been very
lazy during his Tarrytown sojourn, pronouncing it
dull.    Cahill too was drunk, not demonstratively
conspicuous in it though.    He and Glover talked of               
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