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Text for Page 247 [05-28-1859]

their last Saturday nights �burst� with its
sequel.   Glover and Arnold spent Sunday in �travel
ling twixt tavern and tavern, went to the Smithso-
nian for beds in the middle of the day, and Arnold
ornamented the walls of a room with sketches &c. Ca-
hill found himself, at daybreak, up a tree in Grammer-
cy Park, with, he says, not the faintest recollection of
how he got there.       Up town with Cahill.  Irish mili-
tia in Broadway having been �honoring� Smith O�Brien�s
departure for Europe.      Mort Thomson has got his bro-
ther Cleve, a berth as reporter on the Tribune.       Eve-
ning round to Houston St, then called and saw Mrs
Sexton with her baby, her mother visiting in Jersey &
Selina at the �Minstrels� with the inevitable Wall.
The unoffending baby has been christened by the names
�Virginia Alamazayda Maltravers Wall Sexton (!)
Was ever infant � even a royal one � so maltreated
at its outset in life?   Name No 2 must have owed
its origin to some �senation story.�             I have
omitted to chronicle our �hop� on Thursday night,
the men boarders got up a ball, inviting the ladies and
outsiders.   It was kept up in lively manner till between
2 and 3 in the morning; the two parlors have not
looked so cheery for three years to my knowledge.
(What a many scenes have I witnessed in �em.  Levi-
son�s funeral came in my mind.)      I looked in for
about an hour on my return from Edwards.
Supper, in good style, spread in the basement.               
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