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Text for Page 248 [05-29-1859]

  29.  Sunay.  A luxurious, sunny, 
almost sultry morning; chores &c till noon then
to 16th Street, a strill with Haney to Union
Park &c.     Dropping in for ale at a new tavern
in Bleecker, I chanced on the �Mercury� containing
George Arnold�s editorials, the subjects of which I sug-
gested, as heretofore chronicled.     In one he had as-
serted that the Assyrians understood the Stereoscope (!)
and that a �rogue�s gallery� of portraits (or criminals,
for their recognition by the police) had been discovered
by Boutcher and Loftus!    How wisely the world is
edited!!            To 16th St again by 5; in Leslie�s
room with him and Kendall, then upstairs, looking 
out at the Catholic church and talking with Haney.
Supped, left Haney at Edwards�, to Chapin�s,
then to Edwards�.   Knudsen there.        What atro-
cities a man of Leslie�s stamp perpetrates in the
minor matters of daily life!  He goes trampling
down its decencies and courtesies like a drunken
beer-pig in a tulip bed, his every remark being
an outrage in the amor propre of his fellow creatures!
and bordering on insult.    Here are two samples:
on my appearance at the 16th street supper-table
he vented an allusion to �sponging,� and presently,
when the idea of the �Professor�s being an eligible boar-
der was suggested, said outright, �returning like a
dog to his Vomit!�    Pleasant for Mrs P!   How-
wever she has a good feather-bed shield of obtuse-               
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