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Text for Page 249 [05-29-1859]

ness to meet such attacks.
  30.  Monday.  [Phonography], & writing, till late at
night.  Out in the afternoon.
  31.  Tuesday.   To Century Office, with article
on the Herald; Pic Office &c.  Met Scoville on
my way up town, and passed Mort Thomson with
another, reciprocating a nod.   Mort�s present af-
finity has induced a slight modification of his for-
mer extremely Tribuney appearance: his hair is
shorter, his hat possesses no such amplitude of
brim.     I don�t feel anyway unkindly towards
him for his ratting towards the enemy, his position
may plead some sort of apology, though tis pity he
has not a stronger backbone to his soul.   There was
never any special friendship, though always good-
will between us.  But he assumed much more to-
wards Haney whom he now avoids, also.     Had
he set his foot down firmly, with: �its your feud �
you may be right enough but I am not to be
expected to share the quarrel,� the old woman
might have resented it, but would have cowered.
She is of that nature which becomes more merciless
exacting and imperious by concession.   I believe in
resistance in such cases.         Mort will pay a
dear price for his whistle.  No such simple-minded
worship will be accorded to him as was offered
by the poor girl lying in Greenwood � Grace�s r�le
will be very, very different.   She accepts him with               
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