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Text for Page 006 [06-01-1859]

		     June 1859.
  1.  Wednesday.   Chores &c.  Down town to
the Century Office by 12 1/2 through rain-drizzle.
Article accepted and already in type as I had not
anticipated.  Corrected proof: talk with Mc El-
rath and his son, my cabin-chum on Lake Superior.
Out; met Haney: hither and thither, returning
up-town per omnibus.   Paterson called at 6, in
accordance with a note I directed to him at the
Post-Office.   Talking of Col. Forbes, he narrated
how extremely hard-up he had been during the
past winter, almost entirely subsisting at his (Pa-
terson�s) expense; how, quarrelling with the man
of whose invention he bragged so much to myself
and Haney, the Colonel had, after his wont, com-
menced sharp hostilities, denouncing his opponent in
a letter to the Tribune, revealing �the invention,� and
raking up his ex-coadjutors questionable antecedents.
(The man had been in Sing Sing.)   Moreover the
Colonel visited all his acquaintance and, says
Paterson, ruined the man.    He cork-screwed him-
self into Paterson�s household by requesting them to
recommend him a washerwoman! Just now he�s 
teaching fencing until he can fall in with some other
man with money to get enthusiastic about, to adhere
to, to quarrel with, to denounce as the greatest scoun-
drel living.   His extraordinary pertinacity, thorough               
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