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Text for Page 007 [06-01-1859]

ness, irony-headed self will and capacity for
boring people must render him a fearful acquaintance,
not to say adversary.      He had borrowed or ac-
cepted alms from everybody, as far as I can learn.
Paterson acknowledged him a nuisance.  Like
a sly old soldier, the Colonel said never a word of
his calling here, though the Scotchman had directly
asked him if he remembered me, or knew my ad-
dress.      Why isn�t Forbes in Italy now? there�s use
for his sword there.    Paterson has tried to persuade
him to go, but no!  like many of his class of
pseudo-patriots, he distrusts and attributes all sort
of bad motives to others in the same business.  This 
same patriotism when taken up as a trade al-
ways justifies Johnson�s remark about it.    Andre-
otti was an Italian patriot, too!          The curse
of helping such a man as Forbes is, they never have
done with needing help.    Besides they waste your
time horribly.        [Phonography] and writing till late at
  2.  Thursday.  Set to work at another editorial
for the Century and blazed away at it all the mo-
ning.     After dinner, Mrs Jewell, Selena and her
affianced one, Wall, called, the former having a
letter for me from Alf Waud.   He writes in better
spirits than his last communication disclosed, talks
inconclusively of going to Cincinatti, says he�s painting
pictures, details a brief sketching trip to Lake               
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