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Text for Page 029 [12-26-1850]

              all the afternoon.     Time frittered away thus, as I could not see Genin
or get the Books necessary till the Afternoon. Charley at work all day in
doors, (Butler supposed to be winding up the Fowlers Building affair.)    Evening
drawing the head gear till midnight.
  27. Friday.  At work on the Head-gear all day till 11 at night.
Charley with me fore and afternoon. Evening Alf Waud, Mapother and Mr
Hart who called about 7, and remained till 10.   And here I sit, all
alone, clock striking twelve, fire very low, and with intent to be speedily in
bed.  Wonder whether old Collinson is thinking of last Christmas, and what poor
Herr Sander�s at.
  28.  Saturday.  The Engraving for the weeks �Era� being completed, I with
Charley hurry down-town, first to Wells and Webb, then to Fowler�s Buildings: then
I, with the block take my way to the Era Office.   Drawing during the day,
and at night down town again to the Era Office.  Got paid $20, sate with
Picton looking over Volumes of the New Newgate Calender with Phiz�s illustration
for an hour or so, then out with him. To a little Dutch Beer-hostel, where
he played dominoes, talked vociferously, ate sausages and drank Lager Beer,
in which employments, save the former I accompanied him.  A German made
the triumvirate complete.          Left them at a corner of the Park, and re-
turned to Canal Street, Charley and Waud, through the pouring rain.
  29.  Sunday.  Had intent to go Hobokenizing but the weather forbade.
So remained in doors, drawing,  in company with Waud and Brown till
the afternoon, when Dillon Mapother called for me, bearing an invite from
Mr Richardson�s.    Went there together through the icy cold, glassy pavemented
streets, and arriving at Liberty Street found Mr R, his [words crossed out]
Yorkshire wife, and Mr Hart.     A social, home like meal, then,
all sitting round the fire (blazing furiously)  huge sofa in front, pretty
little King Charles spaniel beside, the evening passed sociably.   Whiskey and               
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