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Text for Page 008 [06-02-1859]

Winnipisseogee and informs me of a recent 
villany committed by the knavish engraver
Charley Wright: how having $115 confided to his �safe
keeping� by a fellow-engraver, he absconded with it.
(I belief the scoundrel is now in New York, in Les-
lie�s employ.)   Damoreau, writes Alf, with his usual
charity towards our quondam chum, �has been kicked
out both by Ballou and Fleece�em; has entered into
partnership with Dan Smith of the foetid breath and 
ekes out a living by taking boys with premiums. �  Will
has been engaged �to some extent � about a Boston
Crystal palace scheme �but it comes much easier to
him to play the gentleman.�   Thus Alf.     Down town
to Nic-nax Office.  Haney off, on a visit to Bellew
at Tarrytown.  Returning met Banks, who hospita-
bly pressed me to join him and �the greatest artist
bai Jove in this country, Donald McKay.�  Didn�t
go.  Banks has got an idea that I am making �heaps
of money,� also that I �save ninepence out of every
shilling� I make, notions I suppose based on my having
a little money in bank, five years ago!     [Phonography] for
an hour and a half, then to next block and saw
Selena.  She is to be married on Monday, then starts
for Niagara.  Wall seems a very good-humored little
fellow.        Round to Houston St, found Gun in bed,
Sears present, anon Tracy.      A bit of a ramble through
the close streets alone, taverns alive, prostitutes ply-
ing hither and thither or seated on the steps of brothels,               
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