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Text for Page 009 [06-02-1859]

or leaning out of the open windows.     Saw Sey-
mour.     To room by 11, writing for an hour or
more afterwards.
  3.  Friday.  In doors all day writing and draw-
ing (Pic cuts, big and little.)   Visited by Mrs
Potter�s ex-chambermaid, Mary, who, having commen-
ced life as a washerwoman and called on Mrs Brad-
bury soliciting employment, mounted up stairs to ask
me to write her a line or two in testimony of her
fitness to take charge of one of the �city children,�
Mrs Bradbury not possessing penmanship enough to
do so.   While getting this tribute to her own charac-
ter, Mary tattled at the expense of her late mistress,
who, as I knew had charged her with escheating
some $3 placed in her hands for delivery to the
cook.     This is asserted to have taken place a month
or two before Mary�s dismissal.    Her story is that
the charge was false, also, that Mrs P. deduced the
money from her wages, thus cheating her.     Very Irish,
on both sides � especially the keeping secret about
it until Mrs. P could dispense with the servants ser-
vices     Furthermore Mary let out that Mrs Potter�s
baker was exceedingly anxious to find her address
as she owed him over $20.�       As both the women
are pretty much of the same caliber, I let them testi-
fy against one another.   Mrs P. always represented
herself as a paragon of mistresses, yet as I have
remarked, she never hesitated at throwing the girls               
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