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Text for Page 010 [06-03-1859]

over, or spoke well of them subsequent to their
  4.  Saturday.  Down town both before and after
dinner.  Got $11,,25/ for my �Herald� article
which occupies the place of honor at the head of the
editorial columns.   To Pic Office &c, hither and
thither.   To 16th street at night; in Leslie�s room.
All going on at that house in the usual hum-drum
way.     Mrs Gouverneur, May and Miss Cooper gone
to Cold Spring.   King�s children have no sort of
respect for their mother, call her a �Jew� and a fool,
and disobey her, but not their father, a down-looking
self-willed, quietly opinionated man, whose favor
Mrs Potter curries in her usual soapy manner. (This
I have not from Leslie.)    He, Leslie, heard Mrs P.
professing her willingness to allow old Townsend to
reclaim his baggage, left behind as a sort of security
for unpaid board, and meeting the man, prompted
by a little good nature and a great deal of a desire to
do the pompously-generous (!)    Told him of it.   When
a person arrived, Mrs P. being out, the old woman
her mother refused to deliver the poor old boy�s traps
with many bitter denunciations of him, until Leslie
interfered and got them rendered up.      Old Towns-
end was a well-to-do Boston merchant once; Clapp
spoke of being in his employ.   His (Townsend�s) son
had a berth in the Tribune Office and died recently.
Poor old boy!   He used to give Mrs Potter wretched               
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