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Text for Page 016 [06-06-1859]

meeting the two Hillard�s as I returned.
Haney came to supper.   With him to 16th St, on
the house top watching the sunset.     Half expecting Par
ton might call, embracing the chance afforded by
Old Party, Grace and Mort going to the theatre.
To Edwards�.    By 10 1/2 dropped in at Mac Pyke�s
new tavern for ale found Bob Gun, Sears and
Tracy at supper.         Haney met Mort Thomson
to day, the first for a long time.  Mort spake of having
called on him, hinting at a desire to set himself right
� as near as he could do with regard to his relations
with �[unclear word written in phonography]!�
  7.  Tuesday.  Writing etc.   Down town in the after-
noon; to Century Office and elsewhere.   Writing to
Hannah in the evening.   Called down-stairs to see the
artist Pope. (He was present at �our ball � when I did
not recognize him.)  A rather fine looking Miss Waite,
a Bostonian, whom I was introduced to at the same
ball, was present, Pope had just returned from the
South where he spent some time at the houses of my old
Louisiana friends.  Keene Richards is married, has
two children, �the Judge,� Kellam�s uncle, has been mar-
ried since Olivers death, is now a widower.   Maurice
Keene was staying on the plantation.    He and his cousin
Richards have, Pope thinks, visited Europe of late years,
since Oliver�s decease.   The �Doctor� is dead also,
that tall white-haired old gentleman who used to declare
that managing negroes required �a heart of stone.�     As               
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