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Text for Page 017 [06-07-1859]

Pope knew nothing of Yusef, I judge he has
returned to Europe.
  8.  Wednesday.   Work.  Out in the afternoon.  At
night drawing till late.
  9.  Thursday.  In doors drawing on wood till
6, hard, Haney calling twice.    Evening to 16th 
Street, saw Rawson, Leslie & Kendall.    Then to White,
Law�s.   He and wife out, expected to return.  Wai-
ted half an hour.   Mrs W. and a lady came.   To
Houston St, fellows out, so back to Bleecker and
an hour in the parlor talking with lady boarders &c.
  10.  Friday.  Down town, to Century, Pic Of-
fices &c.    A talk with young Mc Elrath, hearing the
sequel of his Lake Superior trip, from Fond du Lac,
where we left him, to St Paul.    He and his companions
slept on the night of our departure in Godfroi�s loft,
pulling up the ladder, the Indians all being so drunk
as to render it unsafe to trust them.     The subsequent
journey McElrath paints in bright colors.  They
saw beautiful and wild scenery, fished, shot, met
Indians, were entertained at military out-posts and
altogether had a pleasant time of it.     He was recal-
led from a years stay in Europe by his father�s 
reverses; is now married and lives in Brooklyn.
Evening, to Edwards�.  A party in a quiet way.
Games, dances, songs, straw-berries, ice-cream and
milk punch.       Ed. Wells, Knudsen, Honeywell,
Eaton and Haney there � not Cahill.   Kept it up               
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