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Text for Page 022 [06-13-1859]

the worthy brother of a worthy sister, or nearly so
as stated.    She has used her sewing-machine, taught
music, made �trusses� and what not.     Alleyne (this
I didn�t learn from her) is now in Boston.       She
proposes living with Mrs Duryee, to whom I was in-
troduced.    Lotty has known her from girl-hood and
longer.   I think Mrs D was her god-mother.  I have
no faith in the discording of Alleyne � he�ll be �taken
on� again.  I wonder if the fellow really loves her, after
his fashion.   She says so � says, too, that has no mind,
that he yawns and is bothered if she takes up a book.
Lotty commits the very common error of confounding
an ill-regulated taste for miscellaneous reading with
intellect.   Though I�ve known her to say shrewd
things of books. (She liked Charlotte Br�nte, too.)
  Writing till late at night.
  14.  Tuesday.  To Clinton Hall again.  Writing
the rest of the day.   Cruelly sultry.   At work till
  13.  Wednesday.  Writing under the double disadvan-
tages of extreme heat and nervousness which increased
so that I had to temporarily give up.  To Dixon�s.
Evening, to 27th St, to 16th, a momentary call at
Whitelaws and to Edwards�.   Wells, Cahill and Haney
there.   Talk of where we shall go to on the 4th of July.
Dropped in at McPykes�, finding Arnold, Sears and
Gun there about 11 or later
16.	Thursday.  Did but little all day, getting over               
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