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Text for Page 023 [06-16-1859]

unrest and nervousness, from over-sense of res-
ponsibility and too much staying in-doors.
  17.  Friday.  Ceaseless drenching rain all day till
midnight.  Drawing Pic work.  Did four blocks.
  18.  Saturday.  Out early.  Round to Houston St,
and tried the door of Bob Gun�s chamber, but, as
Sears informed me, as he hadn�t got to bed till
4 A. M. didn�t succeed in rousing my namesake.
(Glover temporarily occupied t�other bed.)   Down
town.   To Post Office, �Century,� �Constellation� &c
then up town.   Did big Pic cut by dinner time.
A letter from George Bolton.    He is married to
Sarah Conworth and both, hospitably enough, invite
me to visit them.   Their �shanty� lies midway bet-
ween Paris and Brantford, two miles east of the
former; �place rough by pretty.�          The Neff par-
cel I sent has never arrived, George inquires about
it.         Down town, to �Century�, got $5 for edito-
rial used this week, to Express Office about parcel,
then to Pic Office.   Morris, Billington &c there.
Poole�s handsome wife came up, talking with her,
subsequently seeing Gun and getting some money,
walked with Mrs Poole to Broadway.  A brightly-
dressed, soft-black haired, pretty woman, pleasant
to look at and talk to.      Up town, met Rawson
Gill.      Impractiable and loafing as ever � says
he�s been trying to get proof-reading to do in new
paper offices &c.                Round to Houston St in               
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